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Our Story:
It all started in 1970 when Enrico wanted to make the best pizza with the best, freshest ingredients for the best price. He decided to open a little shop in the heart of the Beach area of Toronto. There, at 1942 Queen St. East, his dream came true. The Family run business named, quite simply, Enrico’s Pizza, quickly became a popular ‘Hot Spot’ for the best pizza around. Even the infamous food critic Marion Kane from the Toronto Star had something good to say about his Pizza! He was a hard working fair Man, who always strived to do his best with business, family and friends, even strangers had a glimpse of his heart.
Enrico, unfortunately, hasn’t been with us since 1989 and neither has Enrico’s Pizza in the Beaches, but his recipe and fairness lives on.
​In 2010 I decided to venture out again, and opened a Pizzeria. I thought it would be fitting to name the new store Papa Enrico’s Pizza  in Honour of my Dad. We are located in a charming, friendly little town called Cannington Ontario.

We at Papa Enrico’s Pizza carry the same promise as our Dad did…

We feel that NO ONE should pay with hard-earned dollars for an inferior quality Pizza. We only use the best, freshest ingredients available while keeping healthy eating in tact! We promise YOU one of the BEST Pizzas you will find anywhere! If we should ever fail and disappoint you, PLEASE let me know and we WILL make it right!
Papa Enrico’s